Wednesday, September 09, 2009

iTunes 9 Released, new version of Fetch Art coming soon

Today Apple released iTunes 9. I am currently testing a new version of Fetch Art and should know about compatibility with iTunes 9 and have a new version with some bug fixes available in about a week.


sos said...

Hey. This isn't itunes related. I came across your blog instructions to enable disc printing on your canon mp830. I have the same printer and did the same trick a year ago and it's been great. But once I upgraded to Snow Leopard, my disc printing has been broken. And I've been unable to find a fix so far. Have you had the same problem with your printer upgrading to snow leopard?? And if so have you been able to figure out a fix for it?


Aric said...

Hey I've upgraded to Snow Leopard and am still able to print CDs. I also upgraded the free CD-Label Print software I use. You can get it here:

The original blog posting you are referring to is here:

patrick said...

since amazon has converted most of their images to Flash, fetch art doesn't find any album art anymore. will there be an update soon?