Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Fetch Art 1.2 NOT Compatible with Intel Macs

Well you may have already discovered that Rosetta (a part of Mac OS X) is not working well enough to help Fetch Art work on the new Intel Macs. In an effort to solve the problem initially I used my PowerPC based Mac to create a Universal Binary version of Fetch Art. I gave this out to a few users who were having problems on the Intel based Macs. Unfortunately, it didn't solve the issue.

Right now I cannot say whether it is a problem with Fetch Art, Perl, AppleScript, or Rosetta but I can say I'll need some quality time with an Intel based Mac to debug the problems.

Currently I don't own an Intel Mac, and I wasn't planning on purchasing a new computer for a while. My finances are a bit thin to spend several hundred dollars on an unplanned purchase, so I am taking donations towards the purchase of an Intel Mac mini.

If you are interested in supporting Fetch Art, please visit my donation page, here.

Thank you.