Friday, January 19, 2018

iPhone Activity App Sending Messages to the Wrong Person

Since my wife and I got Apple Watches for Christmas and are trying to get healthier we started sharing our activity data.  You are supposed to be able to message each other through the Activity App by tapping the message icon shown below.

However, something odd happened when I did this.  The message did not go to my wife it went to me!  Clearly a bug but how to fix it?

Turns out if you and your wife, say, have the same home phone number and that number is the first phone number on your contact card the Activity App decides you are the desired recipient.

Simply delete that number from you contact card and if you still want to have that number on your contact card, add it to a spot that isn't the first spot.

That solved the problem for me.  Now I'm off to file a bug report to Apple.