Tuesday, March 17, 2009

iPhone OS 3.0 Adds a lot of features

In my previous post: iPhone 3G, still missing features I discussed the features introduced by the 2.0 version of the iPhone OS that shipped with the second generation 3G iPhone.

There were a lot of (what I considered obvious) omissions. Let's review those now that Apple released what they will be adding to the next generation of the iPhone OS in June:
  1. Stereo Bluetooth headset support (A2DP) (not on first generation iPhone as it lacks some hardware)
  2. Copy and Paste
  3. Global search (they let you search contacts now, but not notes or calendars, Palm OS has had this for years!)
  4. DUN tethering (so I can use the phone as a 3G modem on my laptop either over Bluetooth, or preferably, USB) (They claim they are adding this in 3.0, however, not all the carriers are ready to enable it...)
  5. Notes syncing (on Windows and Mac OS X)
  6. MMS (picture messaging, so far they still only support text messaging)
  7. Chat/IM support for popular chat apps (MSN Live Messenger, AIM, GTalk, etc.) (With push support finally arriving this appears to be solved.)
  8. API for turn by turn GPS (although Apple will not be supplying maps, so this will have to be 3rd party.)

The following items still won't be added:
  1. Video recording
  2. A ToDo app with syncing with Outlook (on Windows) or iCal (on Mac OS X)
  3. Voice activated dialing
  4. Syncing music/video/podcasts and calendar data over Bluetooth or WiFi. Why should I have to connect a USB cable just to sync?
  5. Forward camera and video chat support
  6. Undo in most apps (something PalmOS apps have had for over a decade)
  7. Bluetooth support for keyboards and standard devices other then headsets and headphones.
So all in all a pretty decent update. They've also added several features that were not in my wish list such as auto discovery of nearby iPhones for gaming etc. I'd say they addressed most of the items on my list I would classify as most important (Thank goodness for copy, cut and paste!)