Sunday, May 22, 2005

In Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, AppleScript reports versions differently

Previously, when checking for what version of AppleScript Studio you were running under, you would need to follow these articles
Specifying Minimum Requirements for an Application and Version Constant

That state that you should check for your version with a line like this:
if (AppleScript's version as string) ≥ "1.8.2" then

Where 1.9.2 corresponds to AppleScript Studio 1.1 or later. The reason the versions are different (i.e. AppleScript reports 1.8.2 but AppleScript Studio is 1.1) is because 1.8.2 represents the version of AppleScript which came out much before AppleScript Studio came out.

Anyway, in Tiger, now it reports the version of AppleScript Studio, so that line should really read.
if (AppleScript's version as string) ≥ "1.1" then

Just a minor change that appears to have broken a lot of AppleScripts.

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