Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Unlink YouTube and Google Account or Gmail passwords

Hey so the last time I tried to log into my YouTube account it said:

Sign in with your YouTube or Google Account.

So I tried using my YouTube account that I've had for years, but then it said:

Please use your Google Account. We no longer support signing in with your old YouTube password.

So apparently Google linked my Google/Gmail account with my YouTube account. I don't remember asking it to and it sure doesn't seem like something I would want considering I've had the same YouTube login since early 2007. Anyway if you run into this situation you can unlink your two accounts by following the link below.

Good luck!


Arick Unirow said...

I have a youtube account and google account separatedly (a yahoo mail and gmail).
after Reading this I think I should use my gmail for youtube and deactivate my old youtube account as I often using gmail.


emilly said...

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Alex Gold said...

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Richard Carroll said...

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