Sunday, October 15, 2006

New Version (1.2.7) of Fetch Art Released

The changes are:

  • This version fixes a Perl error on systems that did not have the Apple development tools installed. (The message looked like, "Can't locate LWP/Simple.PM...")
  • Select All under the Edit menu now works. Also remember there is a Copy All Art to iTunes command under the Fetch Art menu.
  • The problem with the installer not placing Fetch Art in the Applications directory, or creating a script menu in iTunes for some users has been corrected.

This version is still NOT compatible with Intel Macs. To donate and help the development of an Intel Mac version, please visit my donations page

To download the latest installer:

There's actually been renewed interest in Fetch Art since the release of iTunes 7. I figured that with iTunes including an album artwork download, I would no longer be contacted by people interested in Fetch Art. However, I've been told that the iTunes art download doesn't work as well as Fetch Art for several reasons:

  • It requires an iTunes account, which not everyone has or wants.
  • According to what I've been told it only works for U.S. customers.
  • It actually isn't that great at finding artwork, leaving many popular albums without art.


kurtz le pirate said...

Using Fetch Art 1.2.7 and iTunes 7.02 under Panther. FA work well except that, EACH TIME i choose "Fetch Art" frome the iTunes'menu scripts, he ask me where is FA :((

it's normal ?

Aric said...

No that isn't normal. It is rare, although you aren't the first person to report this behavior. It has to do with AppleScript not being able to find the Fetch Art application automatically (which is should be able to do.) If I find a solution to this, I'll let you know, however, I haven't seen this problem myself so it is hard to debug.

David Barr said...
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David Barr said...

I have a UK account. Previous versions of FetchArt worked sometime caused screen freeze. The new version is working well so far.


Shawn L. Brixey said...


Ok I just kicked in the last $50 you needed to get that shiny new intel mac mini!

Now let's get coding!


Mini Diez said...

thanks for all the hard work. it really is awesome!
i have the Itunes account.

Thank you Fetchart!

Nu said...

Just downloaded 1.2.7 and every time I launch it locks up during the Getting Song Details phase...

I'm receiving an apple script error dialogue window with the following:

Can't make -class pLoc- of -class cURT- id 4601 of -class cUsP- id 3804 of -class cSrc- id 52 of application "iTunes" into type string. (-1700)

Can only force quit after this happens.

Using a pre-iSight 17" iMac running OS X 10.4.9 and iTunes 7.1.1

Is there anything I (or you) can do to fix this error?

Thanks in advance for your efforts!