Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Fetch Art 1.2 Verified Compatible with iTunes 6

I've done some testing with the new version of iTunes, and am happy to report Fetch Art 1.2.0 is fully compatible with iTunes 6.0.

I've tested under Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.2.

For the people who have contacted me with questions:
1) Yes, I am working on a new version.
2) I haven't been able to reproduce most of the bugs reported. Many of them seem to be installation issues with the Apple installer.
3) I do try to respond to all my emails, but the response to this application has been overwhelming, and it's difficult to respond to every one.

Thanks for all the support and kind words. This application seems to work for most people but a few do report bugs or installation problems. I will address some of those issues with the next release hopefully by the end of the year.


Bob M. said...

I'll update my previous error post in the original blog posting by saying a clean reinstall seems to have done the trick (by clean, I mean search and destroy any vestige of Fetch Art, then install); I can confirm in my setup that it does indeed work fine with iTunes 6.

Many, many thanks for working on this script!


sapomme said...

could you please add amazon.fr to the sources list ?
40% of my tracks are not found with amazon.com amazon.de or amazon.co.uk (not only french songs ...)

cool ethan said...

one of my favorite apps for itunes, thanks for picking up the development and getting it working again!!!


toz said...

hi all
just seen this great peice of software, my question is,
is there a windows version, or any similer product out there for itunes to fetch artwork??

Stan said...
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PenThAng said...

A clean install did not solve my installation problems, however, I was able to get the .pkg to install using Pacifist and it installed in seconds. Still a very cool tool, keep up the great work. The one thing I would like to see (or know how to do) is to deleat the list of songs and move to another that I have selected.


johnpap said...

i am running OS 10.2.8 and i am wondering whether or not i can get an older version of Fetch Art to use on my system. i have tried using version tracker and it just directs me to your download page. can you help me out?

Thinkingman.com said...

Hi Aric! First, I want to say I love your program, it's saved me lots of times with my music library, especially since most of it originally came from days when we used MacAMP or ripped our CDs when 99% of the world had to use dialup! It works great, but I had an idea you might like to use in your spare ;-) time… There's an open source proggy called ffdm which I've been trying to compile on my G5 which fingerprints songs, is there any way that could be integrated into FetchArt, and turn it into a super-fix-all-the-song's-metadata tool? I (and many millions of iTunes users) would love that!