Monday, April 25, 2005

Borland Together Software Bugs and Fixes

Ok, I've ran into a lot of issues with Borland's Together Architect and Control Center 6.1 software. (Architect 6.2 is the successor of Control Center 6.1, however, I've been using both, as there are some incompatibilities between them.)

Did your model stop working?
I ended up with a model, that once it was open, hardly any menus in Together would work. The menus would appear, but selecting an item, had no affect. For example, selecting Project->Properties, never displayed the property dialog. The behavior occurred right after adding some Favorites. If you get into a situation where no menu or buttons actually have any affect (even selecting Exit doesn't close the application) try opening your .tws file in a text editor and removing the favorites entries. They should look something like this:

favorites.root.0 = <oiref:cpp#Class#ClassName1:cpp>
favorites.root.1 = <oiref:cpp#Class#ClassName2:cpp>

I simply deleted all the lines in that file with favorites entries, and reloaded the project, and now Together started working again. This was in version 6.1.

Incompatibilities Between Together
Architect 6.2, and Together Control Center 6.1
Together Architect defaults to using the old (non XML) model
format to maintain backwards compatibility with previous
versions.  That's great, in theory, however I've come across some
problems.  I'll try to list them here as I discover and verify

  1. Sequence diagrams created in 6.2 are not seen/ignored by 6.1

  2. I've seen instances where Favorites added in 6.1 are not seen
    when loaded into 6.2 although this doesn't always occur.

That's it for now.  I'll keep coming back and updating this list
as I find issues.

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